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Free, online Facebook Marketing Conference with the World’s Most Successful Facebook Marketers

Our Speakers Have Been Featured in the Following:

Speakers have been featured in the following




Give Us 30 Minutes and We’ll Change Your Facebook Marketing Forever

You know that if you’re not using Facebook you’re simply missing out on potential profits and customers.

The problem is that it’s not easy. For most people it’s time consuming, resource heavy and takes a long time to get results.

Everyone knows they need to be on Facebook, they know there’s business and tons of potential, but the problem is that most people don’t know how to really use the power of Facebook.

Too many people lack the proper tools and skills necessary to harness the power of Facebook and use it to grow their businesses in a remarkable way.

Tap into the Power of Facebook
in a matter of minutes

What if you could tap into all of the potential Facebook has for you in a matter of minutes and get near instant results leading to long lasting customers and relationships? Imagine what that would mean for your business!

Never before has such a remarkable group of creative Facebook marketers come together for a global online conference on Facebook marketing. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to think bigger, achieve results faster, and make the marketing breakthrough you’re capable of making.

Whether you’re new to Facebook or a veteran marketer or just someone interested in learning more about the cutting edge of marketing with Facebook, we know you’ll find these mastermind sessions with leading Facebook marketers and social media experts inspiring and empowering, leaving you with numerous valuable strategies and techniques you can implement right away.

Our expert speakers are masters of the social marketing skills, methods, and systems every business owner needs to thrive in this economy. Individually, each speaker is deeply motivational. Together, they offer a holistic model for reaching more people, making an impact, and financial prosperity.

Our Speakers Will Share Their Expertise In Areas Such As:

  • Discover the 5% of Social Media Strategies That Generate Over 95% Of Sales
  • Building a Massive Subscriber List
  • Attracting All The Clients You Could Ever Want
  • Overcoming The Most Common Blocks To Entrepreneurial Success
  • Cultivating the Mindset and Attitude of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Tapping Your Genius
  • Smart Simple Marketing Strategies
  • Overcoming Overwhelm and Other Psychological Barriers To Success
  • Time Management Secrets That Will Dramatically Increase Your Productivity
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies That Work, Without Wasting Your Time
  • The Formula for a HighlyProfitable Product or Event Launch

You don’t have to feel like the Facebook train is leaving without you. This series will show you how to harness the power of Facebook for your business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our speakers have used Facebook to build massive businesses and bring tons of targeted traffic to their products and websites. They have built seven-figure incomes and some of them even earn six-figures per month.


Our experts will share their tips and secrets
as well as their mistakes
One of the fastest ways to make your business more successful is to follow what works for other people. So why not find out what “the top of the top” are doing?

Hear them answer the question, “What were the keys to your success on Facebook?” Learn about the most common mistakes they made, so you can avoid them.

Each master marketer will share their most important strategies for growing a your business on Facebook - practical, intimate advice for how they have found shortcuts, laser targeting, and financial success, as well as found a way to take their businesses to a whole new level.

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